péntek, 19 október 2012 13:40

Cliffs of Dover 1.11.20362 patch

Majdnem napra pontosan egy évvel az utolsó hivatalos javítás után tegnap éjjel meglepetésre megérkezett a legfrissebb vrzió. Az utóbbi hetekben megjelent béták és kiadásra jelölt változatok után lényegében az azokban található javítások végleges verziója érkezett meg a hivatalos csatornákon keresztül. Nálam a steam frissítés nem indult el automatikusan, előbb a tartalom konverziójára volt szükség. Ezt a steam kliens játéklistájában található IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover-re jobb klikk, Properties, majd "Local Files" fül, itt kattints a "Verify Integrity of Game Cache..." gombra. Pár perces HDD darálás után elkészül a fájlkonvertálás, ezután indul a frissítés letöltése (390.6 MB). A korábbi béták javításait itt találjátok az összesített angol nyelvű lista:
  • Performed a huge amount of work improving both average and minimum FPS in the game.
  • Most recommended-spec machine will see increased average FPS and a significant reduction in the micro-freezes that had previously plagued the game. Their frequency, duration, and overall FPS impact will be greatly reduced or completely removed.
  • Completely rewritten rended pipeline, reducing CPU load;
  • Rewritten texture manager, reducing stutter when loading new textures;
  • Moved landscape geometry generator to its own CPU core, reducing stutters;
  • Optimized tree code, reducing stutters when moving across landscape or rotating camera;
  • Moved grass generator to its own CPU core, decreasing stutters during low-level flight;
  • Moved all building and vehicle damage models to be pre-loaded, rather than dynamically loaded when they are destroyed. This increased mission loading times and memory usage, and reduced stutters when blowing things up;
  • Improved multithreading in many other aspects of the code, improving minimal FPS on most multicore machines.

  • Added a Su-26 acrobatics plane.
  • You can toggle airshow smoke by injecting oil into the exhaust manifold. This is done with the WEP button by default. The default smoke is white. You can select other colors by selecting corresponding loadout options.
  • The plane also comes with four easter egg weapons that can be loaded onto the center pylon:
  • Shotgun - fires explosive pellets with everyone’ sfavorite green tracers;
  • Laser - fires a beam that sets an enemy plane alight. Effective distance is 700m;
  • Antimatter mortar - fires anti-matter spitwads;
  • Railgun - fires a shell that generates electromagnetic pulse that in turn destroys enemy subsystems, especially engines.
  • Added Hurricane MkI and Spitfire MkI with constant-speed propellers and 100-octane fuel.
  • Conducted a huge amount of work correcting and improving aircraft flight models as well as most engine models. All work was based on historical flight test data or flight manuals.
  • Corrected negative G cut-out for carburetor engines. The effect will be noticeable at around +0.1G.
  • Corrected the mixture control level on Hurricanes and Spitfires. It is now push forward for Lean, pull back for Rich. With that, moving the throttle lever to idle will return the lever to Rich.
  • Corrected (increased) low-altitude speeds for most Brutish fighters (Spitfire MkI with DH and Rotol aircrews, Hurricane MkI with DH and Rotol aircrews).
  • Correced fuel flow calculations for most aircraft.
  • Corrected (increased) radiator drag when it is opened.
  • Corrected throttle control. The entire range is now useful.
  • Corrected overspeed sound. It will now steadily increase in volume depending on airspeed.
  • Made corrections to rough running on non warmed Merlin engines. Engines still require to be warmed up and won’t work properly when too cold.
  • Please note that engines still start with oil and water at colder temperatures. With Hurricanes, please keep throttle back until the temperature is at least 45 degrees C;
  • Fixed issue that occasionally caused planes with landing gear raised to still show it in the down position;
  • Corrected rough running on Merlin engines above 11,000 ft;
  • Correced control surface angles on the Hurricanes according to historical documents;
  • Added drag to canopies opened in-flight on all aircraft;
  • Greatly increased the effects of punctured radiators on engine temperature to make the effect more noticeable;
  • Corrected boost operations on British engines;
  • Fixed the inaudible hit sounds online bug;
  • Fixed he issue that occasionally caused never-ending Stuka horns online;
  • Corrected issue with the display of vapor trails;
  • Corrected default trim tab positions on most axis aircraft;
  • Disabled WEP for British fighters using 87-oct fuel;

Bf 109
  • Corrected rudder behavior.
  • Corrected auto prop pitch operations. Max RPM target should now be the proper 2400 RPM;
  • Corrected radiator drag;
  • Corrected cockpit animations for trimmer and flap chains.
  • Corrected flap model
  • Corrected the flap sounds
  • Corrected the pitot heat light.

  • Corrected temperature models for the engine. Also added +100 boost for WEP mode.
  • Corrected (increased) horizontal speeds.
  • Fixed engine heat balance that had previously prevented listed HP from being available at all altitudes.
  • Added +100 boost that can only be used in emergency mode.
  • Corrected weights;

  • Decreased never-exceed airspeed.

Spitfire Mk.Ia
  • Fixed the top speed above 18,000 ft.
  • Added pitot heat controls.
  • Corrected (increased) Mk I's airspeeds at altitudes above 6K m.
  • Corrected Mk II's speed performance at all altitudes.
  • Corrected Mk IA 100-Oct Mixture Lever operation;

  • Corrected (decreased) airspeeds at all altitudes alongside Spit II.
  • Corrected Hurricane boost indications. Previously shown +5.5Lbs Boost with full throttle, now properly displays +6.25 from Ground level all the way up to Full Throttle height;
  • Corrected Hurricane 1 100-Oct Mixture lever operation. It no longer requires Mixture lever Forward to maintain smooth engine operation with Boost Cut out activated. Mixture Lever should now be properly held Back for Boost Cut Out operation;
  • Corrected Hurricane weights. Please note that in-game weights are slightly different from those used in RAF documents, especially what the game calls empty weight. Our fuel is also slightly heavier. The weights in-game have been further finetuned to match desired performance.
  • Decreased empty weight on the Hurricane improved turn rate, climb rate, and speed characteristics at all altitudes;

Blenheim Mk.IV
  • Fixed multiple issues with the engine model. The engine no longer overheats at nominal RPM.
  • Decreased maximum allowed airspeed.
  • Corrected the engine model.
  • Corrected altitude performance.
  • Decreased never-exceed airspeed.
  • Corrected engine modes at all altitudes (RPM, boost, fuel flow, etc).
  • Implemented smooth flap control.
  • Changed the airscrew to two-speed.
  • Corrected empennage values that created too much interference during take-off.
  • Affixed springs to bomb bay doors.

He-111 and Ju-88
  • Corrected radio compass animations.

  • Added racing pylon models for air races.
  • Corrected Z_Offset parameter in online missions. Mission objects will now properly offset based on mission designer’s input;
  • Corrected radio beacon code online;
  • Fixed rare crashes connected to improper Road or LinearObjectManager usage in custom missions.
  • Fixed the plane label bug, where the label would hide behind the clouds;
  • Corrected brightness for various light sources;
  • Fixed the black front line issue;
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements.

  • Corrected the bug when attempting to connect to a password-protected server after previously entering an incorrect password;
  • Corrected the issue that sometimes disabled the country selection controls when connecting to a server;
  • Corrected issues with some plane sounds online;
  • Exorcised ghost planes;
  • Corrected the behavior of "jumping" cars and some other vehicles;
  • Fixed the issue where GamePlay.gpAirports() could return incorrect data.
  • Added a new feature: user-made map labels that can be used in scripts.

  • Fixed some non-working orders, removed others from the list. There are no more orders available to the player that the AI does not follow.
  • Added a request for available targets;
  • Turned off friendly fire for ground battles (improving FPS);
  • Added the ability to query current waypoint for scripts;
  • Told AI pilots not to commit ritual suicide when their leader crash-lands;
  • Fixed out of turn take offs for AI pilots;